Paintacle.com ("Paintacle" "we" or "our") provides a service for selling and purchasing original works of art and commercially exploiting digital images of works of art (the " Services ") through our website, accessible at www.paintacle.com (the "Site "). Please read carefully the following terms and conditions (" Terms"). These Terms govern your access to and use of the Site and Services, and constitute a binding legal agreement between you and Paintacle.com.

You may purchase Original Artworks and Printed Artworks that are listed by the Site along with the artwork's name, artist's name, type, size & price of the artwork. When you purchase such an Artwork through the Site and Services, you are purchasing the work from Paintacle and not from the Artist identified on the listing for such work.

Prices for Artworks will be as specified below the image of artworks, which are fixed. You acknowledge that prices include shipping and handling charges or applicable Taxes, if any, for which you are responsible and which will be separately identified on your receipt. Paintacle and/or its third party service providers will collect your billing and shipping information.

Paintacle doesn't provide services outside of the Gorakhpur.
You understand and agree that Paintacle uses commercially reasonable efforts to display the colors of Original Works of Art, Digital Works and Printed Works accurately via the Site and Services. However, because individual devices' screen may display colors differently, Paintacle is not responsible for the color accuracy of any Original Artwork, Digital Works or Printed Works displayed on the Site and Services, and disclaims all liability in this regard.

Paintacle doesn't claim any kind of guarantee or warranty on any kind of artwork, Original and Printed, listed on the Site.


You may sell Original Artworks and Printed Artworks to the Site. When you sell such an Artwork to the Site and Services, you are selling the work to Paintacle and not to the Buyer who orders your work.

Paintacle.com does not take the responsibility for any kind of misconception about any country, religion, race, cast, tribe, sex, community, organisation and person evolved through the artwork, that seller want to sell on the Site.

Paintacle does not claim the uniqueness of the Original and Printed artwork. In order to sell Original artworks or Printed artworks on Paintacle, sellers have to submit the images of their artworks along with required information. Once artwork submitted successfully, the admin panel ("the panel") of the Site will check the images and decide whether to sell or not. The Panel is completely free to select artworks to sell on the Site. If artwork get selected to sell, we will inform to the seller by a phone call to the contact number provided by him/her, while submitting the artwork.

The price mentioned by seller, while submitting the artwork, is not the final price of the artwork. The final price will be decided after a joint conversation between the seller and the Panel after seeing the hardcopy (original work) of artwork(s).

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